Lithuania Zagare CSI2*-W — About

Event name: CSI2*-W

Prize money: 65 000 €

This year's competition in Žagarė included in the program «Zagare Cherry Festival». «Zagare Cherry Festival» - a traditional event held in northern Lithuania . Unique and attractive image Žagarė as one of the historic cities of Lithuania , its attractions contribute to the popularity of this cultural center since the eighteenth century .

«Zagare Cherry Festival» - an inexhaustible fount of knowledge, new experiences and events. Eighth Cherry Festival will explore and understand the uniqueness of the city, its centuries-old cultural history. The main event of the festival is a reconstruction of a " market square " with the use of historical reconstruction . Despite two years separating the city from the date of the time , the culture of the XIX century on «Zagare Cherry Festival» is closer than ever . Like a time machine , participants and visitors will carry into the past, where they worked the old masters , merchants traded , waiters in period costumes invited for dinner to the sound of bagpipes and old gramophone. During the four days of the festival guests open their doors various exhibitions ; tourists and residents waiting for competitions, contests and other surprises . Equestrian complex in Žagarė international tournament will to overcome obstacles.

In the nineteenth century Žagarė was not only famous for its palace , located in the beautiful scenic park, 72 hectares in size , but also the only stud farm in the Baltic countries . Plant in Žagarė - this is one of the oldest stud farms in Lithuania (built in 1898 ) Buildings erected in the Stud Gothic Revival style. In the Arena , which was built with stables housed separate bed for the nobility and other important guests. In the twentieth century stud farm has been completely renovated . In 2010, steel stud farm owners and G. B. Gutkauskasy undertaken great efforts to restore his original appearance. In 1974-1989 years in Žagarė trained strongest riders of the republic, and today the new owners are trying to set again become the center of equestrian sport in Lithuania.

Žagarė trying to preserve their historic style , but is open and modern . Like today and in the future , it will remain congenial equestrian competitions and other events for riders and their horses.



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