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Event name: CSIO5*-NC

Prize money: 393 000 €

From 23 to 26 August in Moscow International Competition held CSIO5 * jumping .
International tournament is the first in the history of Russian competition of the highest class "5 stars" in Moscow. Invited to the tournament 's best riders of the world, routes compiled one of the most famous course designers in Europe, the audience expects a memorable show program and an exciting fight in the arena . Unprecedented prize fund - 393 000 Euro !

At the International Show Jumping Tournament CSIO5 * involved riders on magnificent horses best sporting breeds in the world . Expected arrival of athletes from 14 countries : Germany, Holland, Russia , Lithuania, Latvia , Poland, Finland , Belarus, Ukraine , Turkey, Azerbaijan , Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Equestrian Center ( CSC ) "Bitza " - is the largest equestrian complex in Moscow and the only institution of its kind in the world in size and location. The complex is very conveniently located - 20 minutes from the city center, on the edge of a large forest park is easily accessed from Balaklava Avenue and ample parking .

Besides sports spectators of the tournament provides entertainment : dressage , show horse shows , live music . At the time of the tournament from 23 to 26 August in the " Bitsa " will be equipped with a children's area with games, rides, pony rides , creative pursuits . Low cost of entry ticket allows you to come to the tournament with his family and to be sure that everyone will find something interesting and educational experience in dealing with intelligent and beautiful animals - horse.

For the most demanding audience around the arena will be installed tents with VIP seats at the tables . Drinks and snacks are included in the VIP ticket.

The program includes 15 routes and , of course, are the most exciting team prize Nations Cup (August 24 ) and a personal Grand Prix (August 26) . Teams competing in the Nations Cup will be held in two rounds with Grandmaster height of obstacles to 160 cm Nations Cup prize fund is 80 000 . In the individual competition , participants will compete for the Grand Prix prize at 86,000 Euro . Winner of the number of riders that have passed the first round without penalties , determine a jump .

Routes International Show Jumping Tournament CSIO5 * designs of highly qualified team of Stefan VIRT course designers working at the World equestrian festival in Aachen , Germany . For several years, Stefan Wirth was repeatedly routes in Russia, he is well acquainted with the peculiarities of sites , has an original , progressive handwriting.

After just two weeks after the 2012 Olympic Games in London in the best Russian riders the opportunity to compete with outstanding konkuristy parties Olympics. International jumping tournament CSIO5 * timed to the 100th anniversary of the first Russian team won the Nations Cup riders . The history of national team has many great pages. For a series of victories in the years 1912-1914 Russian konkuristy forever transitory awarded Gold Cup King Edward VII, in 1959 , Soviet athletes sensationally won the Nations Cup in Paris, in 1980 they were lucky at the Olympic Games in Moscow.

Tradition of equestrian sports are incredibly strong in our time. Since 2000 the number of international tournaments held under the auspices of the International Equestrian Federation (FEI), has grown to 790 , and the former Soviet Union to 96 .

With the Nations Cup , in fact, the new history of equestrian sports. First Team tournaments started simultaneously in 1909 in London and San Sebastian (Spain ), and were very popular in the world. In the 30 years of the twentieth century they were held to 17 in a year and there were even separate starts for women only. After the Second World War has resumed Nations Cups in 1946 and in 1964 was inducted overall ranking of these competitions .

Today, the competition for the Cup of Nations are the highest Tor League and Promotional League, which in turn is divided into regional podligi . In the strongest Top League, formed in 2003 - only 8 teams. And the Russian team to get on the show jumping Olympus next season , it should take place at least third in the series of the Nations Cup its regional league (Challengers League) and then win the final in Barcelona in September 2012 .

Moscow will be the final step before the final of the Nations Cup in Barcelona. This season, the Russian team , which is playing in the Challengers League Nations Cup and has a chance to fight for the finals and a ticket to the Top League for next season. In the early stages the right to defend the honor of the Russian team dropped our wonderful riders - Olga Cecina, Anna GROMZINOY , Mikhail Safronov , Anatolia TIMCHENKO , Vadim Konovalov and of course Vladimir Beletsky , who managed to combine participation and intense struggle in GLOBAL CHAMPIONS TOUR with performances for the national team in the Cup Nations. In the Russian team to Beetz probably join our famous athletes such as multiple national champions Natalia and Vladimir Simonov Tugan (Member Olympics in London ) .

Jumping (from the French . Concours Hippique - equestrian events ) or overcoming obstacles - the youngest and highly entertaining view of equestrian sports. It is believed that jumping was born in France in the middle of last nineteenth century and the first of his audience became Visitors World exhibitions in Paris. And the first documented evidence of equestrian competitions in Dublin are in 1868 , now transformed into the world's oldest Dublin horse show . Since konemaniya engulfed the whole world : The World Festival in Aachen consistently attracts more than 300,000 spectators, and at the last World Equestrian Games 2010 in Kentucky (USA), the public has a number of 500 000 !

International jumping tournament of the highest class "5 stars" will undoubtedly attract the elegant crowd , good to know !



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