Slovenia Celje CSIO3*-W — About

Event name: CSIO3*-W

Prize money: 131 000 €

The season of CSIO tournaments 2014 with KAP Jumping support will begin on the first weekend of May in the beautiful equestrian center, located in Celje, Slovenia.

  From May 01 to May 04, 2014 there will take place a CSIO3* event which in addition to team competition "Nations Cup" would also include the World Cup stage of the Central European League, the international competitions for children, juniors, young riders and young horses.

   The following weekend after the tournament in Slovenia, at a distance of only 350 km from it, with the support of KAP Jumping company, there will be a CSIO3* tournament in Linz, Austria.

   This annual event will be held from May 08 to May 11, 2014 and will include the following categories of participants :

- professional athletes

- children

- juniors

- young riders

- amateurs

- young horses

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