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Event name: CSIO3*-NC

Prize money: 119 000 €

From 09 to 12 August 2012 forty kilometers from Kaunas in the territory of the newly opened "Visuomenės Harmonizavimo Parkas" ( Harmony Park ) will host an international competition , jumping «KAP Jumping Horse Show».

«KAP Jumping Horse Show» - a series of international tournaments , jumping, having high quality standards of the organization and balanced sports program , giving riders the opportunity to improve the position in the world ranking , and the rallying of the member states - to get valuable tournament experience team competition . Competitions will gather elite equestrian sport in Estonia, Latvia , Lithuania, Russia , Belarus and other countries .

Equestrian aristocratic prestige and amazingly beautiful . In the bed of the honored guests at the tournament , you can see not only breeders , but also big business , well-known artists , musicians, filmmakers , actors, and athletes.

Program «KAP Jumping Horse Show»:

In the format «KAP Jumping Horse Show» will take a few starts in various categories , including junior and amateur competitions :
  • August 9 - individual starts. Starting at 09.00 , 11.00 , 13.00, 15.00, 17.00 and 19.00
  • August 10 - individual format . Starting at 09.00 , 11.00 , 13.00, 15.00 and 17.00
  • August 11 - individual starts. Starting at 10.00, 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00
  • August 12 - individual format . Starting at 09.00 , 11.00 , 13.00
                - Team competition at the Cup of Nations . Starting at 15.00

After each start awarding the winners of the competition.

Besides sports spectators of the tournament provides entertainment : dressage , show horse shows , live music . At the time of the tournament in the park will be equipped with a children's area with games, rides, pony rides , creative pursuits . Low cost of entry ticket allows you to come to the tournament with his family and to be sure that everyone will find something interesting and educational experience in dealing with intelligent and beautiful animals - horse.


" Nations Cup » (FEI Nations Cup) - is a team competition in which official teams represent their countries . Teams consist of four athletes to go to rank the three best results in each of the two rounds . Wins the team with the minimum amount of penalty points

Equestrian - one of the most prestigious and oldest species included in the Summer Olympic Games since 1912.

Jumping (overcoming obstacles) - the most spectacular view of equestrian sport where the rider and horse must pass route , overcoming obstacles installed on it (8 to 16) consisting of separate wooden parts . With moving obstacles are easily destroyed , thereby preventing injuries and falls participants. Successful performance required perennial workout establishing almost telepathic communication between rider and horse. Horses acting jumping - representatives of the best sporting breeds with stunning movement coordination and grace. Besides athlete and horse trainer in equestrian sport there is unimportant figure - the owners of sport horses , usually from a number of known and richest people.
We invite you to visit one of the most beautiful places in Lithuania unique park "Visuomenės Harmonizavimo Parkas" ( Harmony Park ) . The territory of the park - more than 160 hectares. This is a unique place , a fascinating natural beauty , elegance and surprising richness , offers an unforgettable vacation for every taste. From the covered spectator seats for 2000 , great
equestrian complex , you can comfortably watch the Jumping . Thanks to the highest international standards , Hippodrome Park was the only in the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, suitable for international competitions of the World Cup and Nations Cup show jumping , dressage international competitions , organized by the International Federation of FEI.

Competition within the «KAP Jumping Horse Show

start on Thursday and will continue for four days.

Start of the tournament in the Cup of Nations - August 12 at 15:00



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