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Event name: CSIO3*-W-NC

Prize money: 130 000 €

Latvian history of equestrian sports are closely related to dislocation in Latvia Army dragoons and hussars. The first officially registered horse clubs were formed in 1880. In 1893, the company was founded horses that until the First World War has been actively involved in organizing various competitions. In 1891, the main equestrian club Riga belonged first arena closed tipa.Posle WWI horse riding are mainly engaged in the cavalry , officers and instructors artillery regiments mainly for military purposes , but over time, more attention has been paid directly to the sport. In 1920 he organized the first regiment of Latgale sorevnovaniya.V 1928 competition was held , which was attended by military and civilian riders.

Army Sports Club ( ASC ) in 1929 organized an international competition in which riders participated in Estonia and Poland. In subsequent years, ASA was the main organizer of international competitions. At the initiative of ASA in 1932 was created the Latvian community equestrian organizations ( LSKO ), which was the forerunner of the modern Equestrian Federation of Latvia. In 1932 he became a member of LSKO - candidate for the International Equestrian Federation (FEI). November 10, 1933 , the General Assembly approves Latvia full member of the International Equestrian Federation.

Holding international competitions in Riga in September 1939, it was impossible due to the outbreak of the Second World War. In the postwar period, the first equestrian competition held in 1946 in Valmiera and Ruen Vidzeme suburb. In 1949 he founded the Republican equestrian club . In 1952 the Latvian championship in Riga racetrack participate bolee50 athletes. The program of events included such disciplines as jumping, jumps and vaulting . Since 1954, the Latvian riders take an active part in the competition of the USSR. In 1961, Nikolai Kolosov becomes champion of the USSR in triathlon in 1978 Gouna Loy - USSR champion in dressage in 1988 Ivars Plotka - USSR champion in triathlon.

April 26, 1992 International Equestrian Federation at the General Assembly in Berlin resumes Latvia's membership in this moment FEI.S Equestrian Federation Latvia independently conducts training equestrian , organizes national and international competitions : World Cup Central European zone , jumping, Baltic Cup , Baltic Cup for juniors , FEI World Jumping, Dressage Challenge. In recent years, many Latvian athletes have achieved good results in international competitions in show jumping , dressage and Paralympic dressage .



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